Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment of amyloidosis: A Review


amyloid protein
systemic amyloid deposits

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Al-Ameen, S., & Mohammed, R. (2024). Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment of amyloidosis: A Review. Journal of Life and Bio Sciences Research , 5(01), 08 - 12.


  • The name Amyloid is derived from the word "Oid", which means semi-starch, which is a protein that transforms into the shape or amyloid state when a distortion or a change occurs in its secondary structure as it becomes insoluble, shaped, and assembled as beta folded sheets. The structure of the amyloid protein can be seen by the electronic microscope as a group of non-branched fibers, with unspecified lengths and cross-sections between (7.5–10) nanometers. Also, the distinguished structure (the folded beta sheets) is clearly seen, and this structure is responsible for the unique pigmentation that is shown by the amyloid proteins with the Congo red stain.


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