Morphological and Histological Impacts of Bisphenol A on Chicken Embryos


Bisphenol A
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Alsharifi, A., Alsultan, R., & Mohammed, R. (2023). Morphological and Histological Impacts of Bisphenol A on Chicken Embryos . Journal of Life and Bio Sciences Research , 4(02), 71 - 76.


The aim of the current study was to investigate the morphological and histological effects of Bisphenol A on chicken Ross 308 during embryonic development A total of 150 eggs were randomly divided into five groups: negative control, positive control injected with con oil and treatment groups administered with different concentrations of Bisphenol A (0.005, 0.02 and 0.1 microliters/egg). The eggs were injected on the second day of incubation and the evaluation was conducted on days 10 and 21 of incubation. Our results showed different abnormal observations at both ages of incubation including skin redness, presence of hemorrhagic spots on the head and around the eyes, congenital anomalies in the upper and lower limbs, chick lethargy and inflammation, particularly in the caudal region. Additionally, there was a clear paralysis in a chicken aged 21 days. Microscopically, there were changes in the liver structure representing congestion in the central vein, mild focal intercellular changes in hepatocytes, few necrosis and atrophy of hepatic cords. At day 21, there was also dispersed hemorrhagic, inflammatory infiltration slight proliferation of Kupffer cells, fatty degeneration, irregularity of hepatocytes and hepatic cords as well as cloudy swelling.


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