Vol. 1 No. 02 (2020)
Issue Description

Journal of Life and Bio-sciences Research (JLBSR)

Volume 01
Issue 02

July - December


Kome Otokunefor, Deborah E. Melex, Gideon O. Abu
26 - 29
Biofilm Forming Potential of Escherichia coli from Various Sources
Qutaiba S. AL-Nema
30 - 33
Bio-interaction of Agrobacterium rhizogenes with Capsicum annuum L. (sweet variety) and Establishment Hairy Roots Cultures
Francis Sopuruchukwu Ire, Ogechi Mishelle Eze, Ndukwe Maduka
34 - 43
A Influence of Different Wrapping Materials on Microbiological, Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Condiment Product ‘Ogiri-egusi’
Sulaiman Naif Ami, Shireen Ghaeib Ali Shingaly
44 - 50
Efficacy of Different Methods Applied Separately and in Combination for Controlling Root-Knot Nematode M. javanica on Cucumber
Ngozi Nma Odu, Gift Atumatuchukwu Uzah, Nedie Patience Akani
51 - 60
Optimization of Citric Acid Production by Aspergillus niger and Candida tropicalis for Solid State Fermentation Using Banana Peel Substrate
Emad M. Al-Maaroof, Sayran S. Hassan, Parez A. Taha, Peshawa H. Said, Soma I. Aziz
61 - 67
Performance of Some Promising Rust Resistant Bread Wheat Genotypes Under Rain-fed Conditions: EMAD M. Al-MAAROOF, S.S. HASSAN, P.A. TAHA, P.H. SAID and S.I. AZIZ
Francis Ire, Sotonye, Augustine Onwuchekwa Okoli
68 - 75
Isolation, Screening and Time Course Study of Amylase-producing Fungi from Garri Processing Environment
Sulaiman Naif Ami, Shireen Ghaeib Ali Shingaly
76 - 81
Pathogenicity of Root – Knot Nematode Meloidogyne javanica on Cucumber Plants at Different Inoculum levels Under Greenhouse Conditions
Aetsam Bin Masood, Mahmood Akhtar Kayani, Sajida Batoo
82 - 88
Targetting Interleukins Involved in Glioblastoma – A New Pharmacological Approach
Enas D. Ermeith, Ashraf J. Mahmoud Zangfana, Buthaina J. Yousef
89 - 92
The Effect of Infection by Toxocariasis on Some Biochemical Parameters in Some Areas of Salah Al-Din Governorate